ALSA Software Mixing and Java

This page documents the fix I have been searching for, off and on, for many years. I use Softsqueeze to listen to my music on a Dell Optiplex GX260 running CentOS 4. Softsqueeze never allowed me to hear any other sounds that the system made while it was open. I would have to close the app to hear any other sounds. But it wasn’t Softsqueeze that was causing the problem: it was Sun’s Java and it’s ALSA library.

It seems that Sun’s ALSA library likes to grab the plughw:0,0 device instead of the default device. This bypasses any attempts at redefining the default device as a dmix plugin. Simply redefining plughw in a user’s .asoundrc file solves our problem.

I was also getting some stuttering after redefining pcm.!plughw to be a dmix plugin, so I defined pcm.dmixer to solve it.

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