Cobbler and the Dell OpenManage Deployment Toolkit

This is an example of how to get Dell’s Deployment Toolkit to work with Cobbler. This will allow you to configure the BIOS, BMC, and RAID via commandline tools.


  • Cobbler is already set up.
  • NFS exports are already configured. This example assumes that the Cobbler server is also the NFS server, but they can be different with a little work on your part. There are two exports: Read-Only (/srv/nfs/ro) and Read-Write (/srv/nfs/rw).

Download the toolkit: dtk_3.5.1_27_Linux.iso

Extract the DTK ISO to the local filesystem:

cd /srv/nfs/ro
mount -o ro,loop dtk_3.5.1_27_Linux.iso /mnt
mkdir -p /srv/nfs/ro/dtk-3.5.1/
rsync -av /mnt/ /srv/nfs/ro/dtk-3.5.1/
umount /mnt
chmod -R u+w /srv/nfs/ro/dtk-3.5.1/

Create the script that the DTK will run:

cat <<EOF >/srv/nfs/ro/dtk-3.5.1/

exec /bin/bash
chmod 0755 /srv/nfs/ro/dtk-3.5.1/

Add the DTK as a distro in Cobbler (substitute the IP of your NFS server):

cobbler distro add --name=dtk-3.5.1 \
--arch=i386 --breed=debian \
--kernel=/srv/nfs/ro/dtk-3.5.1/isolinux/SA.1 \
--initrd=/srv/nfs/ro/dtk-3.5.1/isolinux/SA.2 \
--kopts "ramdisk_size=156482 Stage3_type=cdrom DEBUG=0 quiet share_type=nfs share_location=${NFSIP}:/srv/nfs/ro/dtk-3.5.1/ share_opts=ro,nolock selinux=0"

Create a Cobbler profile:

cobbler profile add --name=dtk-3.5.1-shell --distro=dtk-3.5.1

You should now be able to boot your Dell server via the network to the Cobbler menu and choose “dtk-3.5.1-shell”. You should end up with a shell with the DTK environment on the server’s console.


About Michael Arnold
This is where I write about all of my unix hacking experiences so that you may be able to learn from my troubles.

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