I will be speaking at Hadoop Summit 2012

After an initial “on-hold” status, it looks like I will get to speak at the Hadoop Summit 2012 in San Jose, CA. This will be my first time speaking at a conference and I am really looking forward to it. Below is the abstract I submitted:

Hadoop Operations: Starting Out Small / So Your Cluster Isn`t Yahoo-sized (yet)

Everyone hears about large clusters with thousands of machines and petabytes of storage yet not everyone starts their first Hadoop deployment with dozens of cabinets of equipment. What do you do when you don`t have quite as large of a deployment? What decisions should you make now and which should you postpone for later? This session is for SysAdmins that have not yet or just recently jumped into the Hadoop fray. You will be presented with the knowledge gained from two years of operational experience at a (currently) small Hadoop site. We will discuss things that are initially important for a small (10-100 node) cluster and what happens when you outgrow your first deployment.