I will be speaking at PuppetConf 2012

I will be speaking this year at the greatest operations and infrastructure automation conference of the year: PuppetConf 2012. Here is the abstract that I submitted:

Automated Configuration of Firmware

Everyone hears about automation of OS installs and configuration of services on top of the OS yet no one talks about automating the configuration of firmware. There are a number of venders who provide tools that allow the intrepid systems administrator to never again have to arrow through BIOS menus to toggle some less known but needed setting. Gone are the days of manually entering disk configurations into a RAID controller. This session is for SysAdmins or hardware geeks that want to free up their time to enjoy the finer things in life. You will be presented with the knowledge gained from two years of experience managing firmware configuration as a part of hardware discovery and provisioning.

Video of my Hadoop Summit 2012 Presentation

It looks like the video of my presentation at the 2012 Hadoop Summit made it online. It is too bad the Summit website doese not link to it. This is a link to my presentation as well.