puppet vmwaretools module 4.5.0

Today, I am releasing a minor update to my VMware Tools Operating System Specific Packages module to the Puppet Forge. There was a bug that caused vmwaretools 4.4.1 to fail to start the vmware tools service on RHEL6 if “manage_repository => false” because it did not compute “$majdistrelease”. Since I had a feature in progress to split the software repository configuration out into a subclass, I simply released that version after confirming that the bug was removed.


Let me know if you have any feedback!

Postfix and Sun Fire x64 – ILOM SMTP Alert Management

I have the dreaded Sun Fire x64 hardware with ILOM that sends illegal SMTP “MAIL FROM:” addresses.

May 28 18:19:24 mailhost postfix/smtpd[2874]: connect from unknown[]
May 28 18:19:25 mailhost postfix/smtpd[2874]: warning: Illegal address syntax from unknown[] in MAIL command: <ilom-alert@>
May 28 18:19:25 mailhost postfix/smtpd[2874]: disconnect from unknown[]

The ‘[]’ around the IP are missing. To fix this, I allowed resolution of numeric domains on my internal smarthost and rewrote the illegal addresses as they came in:

postconf -e resolve_numeric_domain=yes
postconf -e canonical_maps=pcre:/etc/postfix/canonical

cat <<EOF >>/etc/postfix/canonical
### Sun Fire x86_64 - ILOM Alert
/(.*)@([0-9.]+)/ \$1@[\$2]
### Sun Fire x86_64 - ILOM Alert

postfix reload

These are links that helped me figure out what to fix:

puppet snmp module

Today, I am releasing an overhauled Puppet module for Net-SNMP to the Puppet Forge. It supports RedHat, Debian, and Suse osfamilies and can separately install the SNMP client, server, or trap server configurations.


Let me know if you have any feedback!