puppet vmwaretools module 4.6.0

Today, I am releasing a feature update to my VMware Tools Operating System Specific Packages module to the Puppet Forge. In conjunction with Wolf Noble (wolfspyre), we have integrated Wolf’s vmware_puppetfact into puppet-vmwaretools. This will allow any system with the fact “virtual => vmware” to also present the facts vmware and (if applicable) vmware_patchlevel. These facts are meant to allow guest VMs to know what version of ESX the hypervisor is running.

# facter -p vmware vmware_patchlevel
vmware => 5.0
vmware_patchlevel => u2


Let me know if you have any feedback!

puppet network module 3.2.0

Today, I am releasing a feature update to my Red Hat network module to the Puppet Forge. This update adds support for Ethernet bridging (br0) of regular (eth0) and bonded (bond0) interfaces. Bridges can have either static or dynamic IP assignment and you can configure the use of Spanning Tree Protocol (STP), the bridge forward delay time, and the BRIDGING_OPTS paramteter.

network::if::bridge { 'eth0':
  ensure => 'up',
  bridge => 'br0'

network::bridge::static { 'br0':
  ensure        => 'up',
  ipaddress     => '',
  netmask       => '',
  stp           => true,
  delay         => '0',
  bridging_opts => 'priority=65535',



Let me know if you have any feedback!

puppet cloudera module 0.7.0

Today, I am releasing a feature update to my Puppet module to deploy Cloudera Manager and Cloudera’s Distribution, including Apache Hadoop (CDH).

The new feature adds support for unlimited strength Java cryptography. Class['cloudera::java::jce'] handles installing the Oracle Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) unlimited strength policy files. Manual setup is requied in order to download the required software from Oracle. See the files/README_JCE.md file for details.

This update also removes support for the beta version of Impala and replaces it with support for the GA Impala release.



Let me know if you have any feedback!