What Is Your Forge Module about?


Ok Puppet Forge module creators. This one is for you. For those of you who have graduated to providing a useful README file with you module, I implore you to also provide not only a description of what your module’s software is and does, but also a link to it’s homepage. I may want to learn more about it and forcing me to copy and paste into my favorite search engine has really got me irritated. (Yes, I am lazy.)

Case in point: (Apologies to dcoxall for using him as an example.) I am following links from a blog post to the golang Puppet module. It looks interesting. It even tells me what Go is, but I want to know more. Why not provide a link to Go? Everything else looks spot-on.


Doing DevOps with Cloudera Manager

It looks like my work with Puppet has been picked up by the Cloudera Blog. James Ruddy blogged about utilizing my razorsedge/cloudera module in his article Deploy Cloudera Manager with Puppet. Cloudera provided a link to his article under the umbrella of automating the deployment of Cloudera Manager itself.

I think it is awesome that other folks are utilizing code I have worked on. I mainly write this stuff to scratch an itch, and I am happy when other people get some use out of it.