puppet cloudera module 2.0.1

This is a major release of my Puppet module to deploy Cloudera Manager. The major change is that razorsedge/cloudera now supports Cloudera’s latest release, Cloudera Enterprise 5, which adds support for Cloudera Manager 5 and Cloudera’s Distribution of Apache Hadoop (CDH) 5. Additionally, this module and it’s deployment via Puppet Enterprise 3.2 has been certified by Cloudera to be tested and validated to work with Cloudera Enterprise 5.

Cloudera Certified This module is certified on Cloudera 5.

Other changes are:

  • All interaction with the cloudera module can now be done through the main ::cloudera class, including installation of the CM server. This means you can simply toggle the options in ::cloudera to have full functionality of the module.
  • Official operating system support for Debian 7.
  • Installation of Oracle JDK 7.
  • Recommended tuning of the vm.swappiness kernel parameter.
  • Installation of native LZO libraries when the parameter install_lzo => true is selected, even when installing via parcels.
  • Conversion of the README.md file to the Puppet Labs recommended README.markdown formatting.  This has dramatically improved the presentation of the things one needs to know about the module in order to quickly become productive.
  • Taking advantage of the new module metadata to add compatability information to the module page on the Puppet Forge.

If you have not seen the previous changes in version 1.0.1, here is a recap:

  • Allow for use of an external Java module. Not everyone will want to stick with the older version Oracle JDK that Cloudera ships in their software repositories. If you have a module that provides the Oracle JDK and sets $JAVA_HOME in the environment, then just set install_java => false in Class['cloudera'] and make sure the JDK is installed before calling Class['cloudera'].
  • Integrated installation of the Oracle Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) unlimited strength jurisdiction policy files. Set the parameter install_jce => true in Class['cloudera'] .

Deprecation Warnings

  • The class parameters and variables yumserver and yumpath have been renamed to reposerver and repopath respectively. This makes the name more generic as it applies to APT and Zypprepo as well as YUM package repositories.
  • The use_gplextras parameter has been renamed to install_lzo.

One note of mention is that this module does not support upgrading from CDH4 to CDH5 packages, including Impala, Search, and GPL Extras.



Let me know if you have any feedback!

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This is where I write about all of my unix hacking experiences so that you may be able to learn from my troubles.

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