puppet cloudera module 2.0.2

This is a minor bugfix release of my Puppet module to deploy Cloudera Manager. When I released the module, I had assumed that the testing I did for the C5 beta2 would be 100% valid for C5 GA.  It turns out that Cloudera shipped a newer version of the Oracle 7 JDK and a symlink that the module creates on RedHat and Suse (/usr/java/default) was pointing at the wrong location.  Upgrading to razorsedge/cloudera 2.0.2 will fix the issue.

Lesson learned: Test, test, and test some more.

Thanks to yuzi-co for reporting the problem.



Let me know if you have any feedback!

About Michael Arnold
This is where I write about all of my unix hacking experiences so that you may be able to learn from my troubles.

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