puppet snmp module 3.1.0

Today, I have released a minor update to my Puppet module for Net-SNMP to the Puppet Forge. Included are some long outstanding fixes from community members:

  • Add the missing service class parameter (Clint Miller)
  • Support for custom VACM com2sec and group mappings (Steve Maddison)
  • Support for FreeBSD (Hunter Satterwhite)


Let me know if you have any feedback!

About Michael Arnold
This is where I write about all of my unix hacking experiences so that you may be able to learn from my troubles.

2 Responses to puppet snmp module 3.1.0

  1. Carlos Henrique Barbosa Rodrigues. says:

    hi henry ,
    I noticed that your module is the one who supports the SNMPv3 on forge.puppetlabs . But I can not do it to create the user with the appropriate parameters. I’m using 3.9 puppet with the foreman 1.9.
    When I click the classes in the foreman not appear the parameters of SNMPv3 .
    I have to make any changes in manifests files ?
    sorry for my English. I am Brazilian

  2. Carlos,

    I am not familiar enough with the Foreman to know what it is looking for. Which razorsedge-snmp parameters are you looking to set?

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