puppet snmp module 3.4.0

Today, I have released a minor update to my Puppet module for Net-SNMP to the Puppet Forge. Included are some fixes from community members:

  • Add a pause after service stop and before creating SNMPv3 users (Guy Martin)
  • Skip zero length strings in ERB template output (Brett Delle Grazie)
  • Fixed a small typo in example (Markus Heberling)
  • Fix typo in freebsd config dir perms and ownership (typo101)

Also included is a conversion of the README.md to the new README.markdown layout with improvements to the documentation, and official support for Puppet 4.


Let me know if you have any feedback!

puppet vmwaretools module 5.0.0

This is a major release of my Puppet module to deploy the VMware Tools Operating System Specific Packages. There is a backwards-incompatible change that necessitated the major version bump. The parameters yum_server, yum_path, and just_prepend_yum_path have been renamed to be reposerver, repopath, and just_prepend_repopath respectively. Also, the module now officially supports Puppet 4 and a new parameter was added: gpgkey_url allows one to change the URL where the public GPG key resides.


Let me know if you have any feedback!