puppet snmp module 3.5.0

Today, I have released a minor update to my Puppet module for Net-SNMP to the Puppet Forge. Included are some fixes from community members:

  • Add the ability pass multiple networks for the community string (Rodrigo Menezes). This now allows for more than one rocommunity line in the config.
  • Quote snmpv3 passphrases to cope with weird characters and spaces (Peter Keel)


Let me know if you have any feedback!

puppet network module 3.6.0

Today, I have released a minor update to my Red Hat network Puppet module to the Puppet Forge.  Numerous pull requests were merged including:

  • Installation of the bridge-utils package if bridging is used. (Daniel Werdermann)
  • Added the SCOPE parameter to network::if::static and network::bridge::static. (flipkick)
  • Added peerdns and check_link_down parameters for dynamic interfaces. (Elyse Salberg)
  • Added logic for blank ipaddress, network, gateway to remove extra entries from ifcfg file. (Elyse Salberg)
  • Minor lint and comments cleanup. (Elyse Salberg)
  • Added logic to remove empty HWADDR entry from ifcfg file for blank macaddress (network::bond::dynamic, network::bond::static). (Elyse Salberg)


Let me know if you have any feedback!