Hue Load Balancer TLS Errors

This is a reblog from the Clairvoyant blog.

If you are configuring the Hue load balancer with Apache httpd 2.4 and TLS certificates, there is a chance that you may end up with errors. The httpd proxy will check the certificates of the target systems and if they do not pass some basic consistency checks, the proxied connection fails.

Read more of my post on the Clairvoyant blog.

puppet snmp module 3.8.1

Recently, I have delivered several long-awaited releases of my Net-SNMP to the Puppet Forge. Included are numerous fixes from community members:

  • Change so that service_config_perms parameter, network, and community can be arrays. (Jordan Wesolowski)
  • Add OpenBSD to the supported operating systems, similar to FreeBSD support. (Sebastian Reitenbach)
  • Update README.markdown. (Rémy Garrigue)
  • Create Parameters for template files. (Alexander Schaber)
  • Add support for the Dell OpenManage StorageServices smux OID. (Davide Ferrari)
  • Enable service_config_dir_group class parameter. (Andreas de Pretis)
  • Fix strict variables for defaults in params.pp. (coreone)
  • Add master and agentx options to snmpd.conf.erb. (coreone)
  • Update requirements for the snmp::client class. (Michael Watters)
  • Ensure that /etc/snmp directory exists on RedHat platforms. (Michael Watters)
  • Fix snmptrapd community string configuration. (Doug Schaapveld)

Additionally, there were some other changes:

  • Fix incorrect file mode for snmpd.conf/snmptrapd.conf.
  • Pin gems to specific Ruby versions in order to fix the breakage of Ruby 1.8, 1.9, and 2.x.
  • Update instructions in
  • Add deprecation warning for drop of Puppet 2.7 support.

Let me know if you have any feedback!