puppet network module 3.10.0

Today, I have released a large update to my Red Hat network Puppet module to the Puppet Forge.  Numerous pull requests were merged including:

  • Added support for promiscuous interfaces. (Elyse Salberg)
  • Added a parameter to disable restart of network service on change. (Evgeni Golov)
  • Added support for netmask and broadcast parameters in alias range. (Nick Irvine)
  • Added support for ARPCHECK=no for alias ranges. (Nick Irvine)
  • Droped requirement of ipaddress/netmask on static interfaces. (Brian Murphey) Helpful for IPv6-only interfaces.
  • Added support for ARPCKECK=no to static interfaces. (Sander Cornelissen)
  • Made RES_OPTIONS for single-request-reopen optional (default true) (Elyse Salberg)
  • Changed macadress for bond slaves to be optional (if not provided, try to get value from facts). (Elyse Salberg)
  • Added explicit userctl, bootproto, onboot for bond slaves. (Elyse Salberg)
  • Added explicit userctl for static bonds. (Elyse Salberg)
  • Finally fixed the PEERDNS logic by making PEERDNS be separate from DNS1, DNS2, and DOMAIN.


Let me know if you have any feedback!

strict_variables and the RazorsEdge Puppet Modules

Over the past month I have been adding much needed support for running Puppet with strict_variables = true to all of the RazorsEdge Puppet modules. Thanks to coreone, I finally had a solution that did not require tearing out the legacy global variable support. As much as I think that continued inclusion of global variable support has become painful, I am still committed to keeping it around.

I also managed to get the Rspec testing Ruby gem dependencies configured such that things can still be tested on Ruby 1.8.7, 1.9.3, and 2.x as well as Puppet 2.7, 3.x, and 4.x. Travis-CI is also testing Ruby 2.4 and Puppet 5.x for all of the modules. As of now, only two modules are not passing the Puppet 5 Rspec tests and I hope to get those sorted soon.


Let me know if you have any feedback!