puppet network module 3.10.0

Today, I have released a large update to my Red Hat network Puppet module to the Puppet Forge.  Numerous pull requests were merged including:

  • Added support for promiscuous interfaces. (Elyse Salberg)
  • Added a parameter to disable restart of network service on change. (Evgeni Golov)
  • Added support for netmask and broadcast parameters in alias range. (Nick Irvine)
  • Added support for ARPCHECK=no for alias ranges. (Nick Irvine)
  • Droped requirement of ipaddress/netmask on static interfaces. (Brian Murphey) Helpful for IPv6-only interfaces.
  • Added support for ARPCKECK=no to static interfaces. (Sander Cornelissen)
  • Made RES_OPTIONS for single-request-reopen optional (default true) (Elyse Salberg)
  • Changed macadress for bond slaves to be optional (if not provided, try to get value from facts). (Elyse Salberg)
  • Added explicit userctl, bootproto, onboot for bond slaves. (Elyse Salberg)
  • Added explicit userctl for static bonds. (Elyse Salberg)
  • Finally fixed the PEERDNS logic by making PEERDNS be separate from DNS1, DNS2, and DOMAIN.


Let me know if you have any feedback!


About Michael Arnold
This is where I write about all of my unix hacking experiences so that you may be able to learn from my troubles.

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