Thanks Apple. (Not Really)

Thanks Apple, for making recent products that don’t do what I expect them to do.

For the need to buy a bunch of dongles to get all my existing peripherals to work with your laptop.

For one of said dongles (the Apple USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter) being unable to pass through enough power to charge my laptop or for use to pass data.

Use the USB-C port of this adapter for charging your Mac, not for data transfer or video.


This port delivers a maximum of 60W power, suitable for MacBook models and 13-inch MacBook Pro models. For the best charging performance on 15-inch MacBook Pro models, connect the power supply directly to your Mac, not through the adapter.

For forcing me to buy a dongle to use my headphones and charge my Apple phone at the same time.

For not providing the same port to plug said headphones into both the phone and the laptop.  I mean, make up your minds.  Is it lightning or not?  (And don’t tell me bluetooth is the future.  I guarantee you it is not for me.)  Thank you to Belkin for providing a solution.

For making the touchpad on your laptop so big that I lose my finger resting points and invariably palm click or double touch to the point of frustration.

For thinking its a good idea to reuse a connector plug format to push different protocols.  Is it Thunderbolt? Or is it mini Display Port?  Is it Thunderbolt 3?  Or is it USB-C?  Is that cable certified for the faster speeds?  Does it have the fancy logo?

I held on to my iPhone 5S for as long as I could, but in the end it just became too slow for my needs.  I held on to my 2015 MacBook Pro for as long as it let me, but it died a sad death last week due to battery expansion and loss of boot disk.

I want to remain an Apple hardware fan (partially because PC/Linux leaves so much to be desired) but it is getting harder every year to remain happy.